The Alpha Chi Omega foundation supports survivors of domestic violence as well as provides educational programs to the local communities. Together, we work to raise awareness against unhealthy relationships and aim on building healthy ones between friends and partners. Alpha Chi Omega was the first women's fraternity to focus on raising awareness against domestic violence not only by helping survivors but in educating the communities around us. 

The Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega works closely with our local Womenspace shelter in Eugene, OR. The shelter provides a safe space for women and their child to stay after experiencing domestic violence. Learn more about our philanthropy events below!

H E A L T H Y   R E L A T I O N S H I P S   W E E K

W A L K   A   M I L E

F R E N C H F R I E S & A L P H A C H I S

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"I love being VP Philanthropy because I love being the facilitator between planning these fun events while educating my sisters and community about domestic violence awareness. My goal is that the Eugene community becomes more educated and aware about domestic violence through my events and allow my peers to know their resources as well as how they can help!"

- Colette Mardirossian (right), Membership Class 2017; Vice President of Philanthropy